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Our Mission

THE MISSION  of Holy Family School is to create a God centered atmosphere where human knowledge enlightened and enlivened by faith, is shared by teachers, staff, students and parents in a spirit of freedom and love.

  • We are a Catholic educational community, where Christian values based on Christ’s covenant with the world, guide us in living out our commitment through the power to celebrate the Word.
  • We endeavor to respect each individual’s potential, while challenging the intellect.
  • We provide opportunities and experiences to help the students develop their unique God given gifts and talents for individual, communal and global awareness.
  • With the Holy Family as our model, we strive to interrelate the three goals of message, community and service.

Our Goals

As a Catholic school with a proud past and a bright future, Holy Family School strives to do the following:

  • Ensure a safe, loving, faith-filled environment for our students and their families.
  • Maintain standards of academic excellence.
  • Provide our students with the necessary skills to live in a technological and global society.
  • Guarantee opportunities for spiritual formation for students, faculty, and families.
  • Welcome and identify ways of supporting a diverse cultural and economic population.
  • Challenge the entire Holy Family Community to witness to their belief in Jesus Christ.

Where We Excel

Christ Centered
In a world where children are surrounded by conflicting messages telling them that right and wrong are a matter of interpretation, Holy Family School prides itself on teaching the difference. We provide an outstanding Catholic education in a safe, loving environment.

Our commitment to the future of our children goes beyond academics. We continually teach basic values by requiring ongoing student involvement in social justice projects. As they work to improve their skills, abilities, and knowledge, our students are also learning the importance of making a difference in their own community.

Child Sensitive
As children grow they face unique challenges that can’t be met in a school with hundreds of others the same age. Our progressive student/teacher ratio ensures that students don’t get lost while finding themselves.

Our educational environment is structured to meet their needs with separate learning environments for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten through fifth grade, and sixth through eighth grade.

While our technological capabilities are impressive, Holy Family understands the importance of a traditional education. Our library features more than 10,000 books; our students use a state –of-the-art science lab to learn about the world around them, and music and art are taught in specialized classrooms, where children are surrounded by examples of what they are learning.

Family Friendly
Holy Family School’s community-centered environment not only strengthens the bond between home and school but the bond between each child and their family as well. We see ourselves as partners with our parents in the education of their children.

While we invite all parents to become involved with our programs and activities, we also understand the pressures faced by young families. That’s why we offer full time kindergarten and a before and aftercare program, available to all students that provide a structured, nurturing atmosphere. Our parents entrust their children to us, and that’s a trust we hold extremely dear.

Holy Family School
1141 E. County Line Road   |   Lakewood Township, NJ 08701   |   Phone: 732-363-4771   |   Fax: 732-363-2914

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