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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to a Catholic cemetery?
As Catholics, we believe in death as the final part of our earthly life, and also the beginning of our new life with God. This is an important aspect of what we believe. We share the devotions and the intercession of saints who have gone before us.

How is a Catholic cemetery different than a non-sectarian cemetery?
All Catholic cemeteries are on sacred space, blessed by the Bishop. This means that the cemetery is consecrated only for the use of burial and entombment. A Catholic cemetery offers you and your loved ones a sacred space where all are believers in the resurrection.

Why now?
Now is a good time because you can make decisions without the need of pressure, such as at the time of death.

So when?
This is a difficult question for so many. However, the Catholic philosophy is that we spend a lifetime preparing well for death. We prepare for that moment when we will enter into Eternity. As we prepare spiritually for this transition, we should also prepare for the physical transition. There are some important details which must be arranged for the final resting place of the human remains of the deceased.

Who will help me?
Our staff is fully qualified to help you make these decisions. With the many options available to you, they will work with you to find the best answer for your family needs.

Saint Mary Cemetery and Mausoleums
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